Weekend Hack

A few days ago, I learned about a map visualization libary called Polymaps from FlowingData (Design advanced online and interactive maps with Polymaps). This weekend, I resolved to play with it and come up with something useful.

The Texas Tribune has a neat Flash based map of county-by-county election turnouts. My goal for this weekend… make a Polymaps version. My version can be found here: http://crccheck.com/map/.

The data source I found for counties didn’t let me limit it to just Texas, so a lot of counties outside Texas end up getting colored. The data source for the election data is from the Texas Tribune, and the only processing I had to do with it is to change the case to make it consistent with my other data source. I guess I could have just made it case-insensitive too.

Chrome renders the map much better than FireFox. It supports the SVG title element and takes less CPU.

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