Use ?? and !! when typing notes

For meetings, I switched to typing my notes. I figured out some tricks to regain some of the flexibility handwritten notes offer.

When I jot down questions I want to ask, I begin the line with ??

?? How does this affect our stonk prices?

And when there’s a point I want to make, I begin the line with !!

!! We tried to build this two years ago but stopped when we realized that disco isn't popular

See the trick? Put loud punctuation at the beginning of lines so they stand out. I use some other symbols from Markdown too; the ## system of headings and > for quotes. I always double them so they stand out. Now when you look at your notes, instead of seeing a dense wall of text, you see interactions and your thought process. For example, you can see the questions you meant to ask but didn’t get around to. You can tell the difference between getting an answer directly from a question or through context clues. It’s amazing how this unlocks a lot of context in your notes.

If I prepare questions or important remarks in advance, I’ll often use the Spanish ¿¿ and ¡¡. They take more effort to write, so I know this is something I wrote when I had time.

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