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GTA IV 1.0.7 bootstrap guide

There are lots of websites and youtube videos all trying to tell you how to mod GTA IV. Unfortunately, they’re almost all out of date, or youtube videos.

I’m using steam installed Grand Theft Auto IV 1.0.7

A decent guide:

Prepping the Game

Install This:

Xliveless (v0.999b7 md5: F7FD7512F6AC8959CDDA6A2B2E014C68)

SparkIV (v0.7.0b1)

The original tool, currently trying OpenIV below instead of this.

 OpenIV (v1.5.0)

Seems to be much newer than SparkIV. Still testing it out. It actually installs (as opposed to SparkIV, which you just unzip and run) and is more difficult to set up that it needs to be. Some mods require OpenIV.

Installing a simple mod

Most mods will tell you exactly what to do in their readme.txt. I’ll only give installation highlights.

No Intro Screen

Who has time to look at intro screens? This mod is easy to install and well worth it. Just copy loadingscreens_pc.dat to common/data. It’s plaintext so you can see what changes it makes.

Rockstar Social Club

I couldn’t find a way to disable it. I added these to my hosts file anyways:

At least the time saved taking off the intro screens make up for having to click through the Social Club screens.

Installing some intermediate mods

scripthook.dll (v0.5.1 md5: 7260B388AAC8329C3CF615084AA7DB83)

You may need to dig around for this download; the download link in the homepage is dead. Sometimes it’s redistributed inside a mod. Just copy it into root GTAIV directory.


inGame Trainer (v1.9.0)

This is the trainer you see most often in youtube videos. You can change the weather, teleport, change your wanted level, enable god mode, and enable cheats. It’s not an open sandbox game without a little god mode.


CarSpawner In-Game Menu

The thing about this mod is that for some reason, the readme is a word doc. Don’t worry though, the text on the homepage is the exact same as what the readme says. This mod defaults to taking over F1 to open the gui, just like inGameTrainer, so you’ll need to edit at least one of them.

Installing an advanced mod

Iron Man IV (v1.2)

See the readme.txt. It’s an involved process but detailed nicely. Remember to make backups!


Other noteworth mods:

  • iCEnhancer

Other hacks


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PyCon US 2013 Wrap Up

I just got back from my first PyCon!

There were a lot of familiar faces. Which is quite an achievement for an introvert like myself. I finally got to meet people in the Python community as far away as Austin, TX. While finding people was easy in a crowd of 2,500, finding food was not. Luckily, we were too late to get the official hotel, and were housed in a hotel a mile down the road which forced us to walk past a great strip mall full of good food. If it’s there’s one thing I’ve learned about conferences in general, it’s that it’s always worth it to strike out on your own to find good food. In NICAR, it was Hammerheads in Louisville. For PyCon, it was finding Bistro Siam. So onto some Python.

Talks I went to I liked (in roughly chronological order):

Videos I look forward to watching:

Posters from the Poster Session I particularly liked:

And of course… the surprise guest star of PyCon this year was the Raspberry Pi. I look forward to playing with it (once I find time!).

Hopefully, I’ll come back and expand what I got especially liked about the talks I highlighted as I re-watch the videos. You can keep an eye on with me as they release videos.


IKEA to the rescue

my bedroom wall

I’ve got a thing about keeping things off the floor. So one weekend I went to IKEA and impulse bought these BESTÅ BURS wall cabinets (15% off sale) and despite the instructions, I assembled and mounted them myself. But I didn’t like the way they blocked the light from my only area light in my room, so I trekked back and got some DIODER led lights to continue the light above the cabinets.

my bedroom wall

So next up is to actually fill these with things, clean up the wiring, and rip off the protective film.

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Weekend^H^H^Hday Hack

So today, being stuck in the house, I decide I should streamline some of my things in the unix world. So I picked up some BASH scripting. I got some serious flashbacks to the 90’s. I would have flashed back earlier, but I’m not old enough. It really makes you appreciate the UNIX geeks of yesteryear. Those guys were clever. And this code looks ugly. But it could be worse… I could be doing MUMPS.

Some sites that aren’t Google I found helpful:

And some random grep links:

Life=Boring Mental Note: Add Category Portfolio


So I’ve been playing this game called BattleForge, and there are a handful of websites that exist just to display information about these cards you can collect in the game (think Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon). People have also made Adobe AIR applications and Microsoft Access databases. So, naturally I thought I would pollute the web with another website.

At first, I was going to use xml + xslt to make it. I actually got a proof of concept working nicely. But once I tried using javascript, it got weird on me because it was XML instead of HTML. Then I changed it to plain HTML + an XHR request to get the XML file and got basic realtime filters working. Then someone pointed out that there was some google docs with the information I wanted so I switched from XML to JSONP.

Anyways, this is the limit of my attention span so I’ll paste the URL now.

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Blast from the Past [2000] my !hme script

I completely forgot about this mIRC script I made back in 2000, but apparently I was ahead of my time. I wrote a crowdsourcing script before there was crowdsourcing. The script was very simple, query it with !hme <name of show> and the script replies with how many episodes it thinks are in the show. To contribute, anyone could say !hme.add <name of show> <number of episodes>. I did have a blacklist of people who couldn’t add, but I don’t think I ever had to use it. You didn’t care about the accuracy of the name of the shows, because the script searched the best fit, and if there were duplicate variations (Evangelion vs Neon Genesis Evangelion), it didn’t matter. I just stored extra information. The last time the script was used… 2002… it had 500 entries.

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Jamba Juice Secret Menu


  • White Gummy – delicious+
  • Red Gummy – delicious
  • Strawberry Shortcake – pretty good

Want to Try

  • Pink Starburst
  • Orchard Oasis
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • Skittles
  • Raspberry Dreamin’
  • Pineapple Dreamin’
  • Apple Pie

Not sure if my Jamba Juice knows about

  • Fruity Pebbles
  • Push Pop
  • Bluetopia
  • Sourpatch Kid
  • Now and Later
  • chocolate gummy bear
  • Blue Gummy Bear

What I Did Today

What I Was Planning On Doing:

  • bike to work
  • hang out, sync up with Austin @ work
  • go to a local bike shop and check out pedals / new brakes
  • P. Terry’s

What I Did Instead:

  • spend an hour taking off old corroded toilet lever
  • bike to Home Depot
  • get new lever / longer supply hose
  • find out new lever doesn’t quite fit properly, spend an hour grinding it down
  • “test” new toilet several times
  • laundry