Blast from the Past [2000] my !hme script

I completely forgot about this mIRC script I made back in 2000, but apparently I was ahead of my time. I wrote a crowdsourcing script before there was crowdsourcing. The script was very simple, query it with !hme <name of show> and the script replies with how many episodes it thinks are in the show. To contribute, anyone could say !hme.add <name of show> <number of episodes>. I did have a blacklist of people who couldn’t add, but I don’t think I ever had to use it. You didn’t care about the accuracy of the name of the shows, because the script searched the best fit, and if there were duplicate variations (Evangelion vs Neon Genesis Evangelion), it didn’t matter. I just stored extra information. The last time the script was used… 2002… it had 500 entries.

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