PyCon US 2013 Wrap Up

I just got back from my first PyCon!

There were a lot of familiar faces. Which is quite an achievement for an introvert like myself. I finally got to meet people in the Python community as far away as Austin, TX. While finding people was easy in a crowd of 2,500, finding food was not. Luckily, we were too late to get the official hotel, and were housed in a hotel a mile down the road which forced us to walk past a great strip mall full of good food. If it’s there’s one thing I’ve learned about conferences in general, it’s that it’s always worth it to strike out on your own to find good food. In NICAR, it was Hammerheads in Louisville. For PyCon, it was finding Bistro Siam. So onto some Python.

Talks I went to I liked (in roughly chronological order):

Videos I look forward to watching:

Posters from the Poster Session I particularly liked:

And of course… the surprise guest star of PyCon this year was the Raspberry Pi. I look forward to playing with it (once I find time!).

Hopefully, I’ll come back and expand what I got especially liked about the talks I highlighted as I re-watch the videos. You can keep an eye on with me as they release videos.

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  1. Good luck with the pycon and keep the web development talk going! Now the tkarcs have been announced for Europython I’ll be trying to convince my business partner to to join me giving some nevow/twisted presentation(s). The more people talking about the needs of web application development and the possible solutions to the various issues the better. It doesn’t really matter which framework, open discussion can improve them all.

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