My FireFox about:config

This was first a post about one about:config entry in FireFox I wanted to remember. But now there are several, so for easy reference, I am going to just put all of them into one post.

Fixing Accidental Page Zooms (FireFox + Logitech G9x)

I’ve got the Logitech G9x, and I use it with the “microgear” off so my mouse wheel spins free. Unfortunately, I also use Ctrl+click a lot to open tabs, and my free spinning mousewheel triggers the page zoom when I hit Ctrl. If you accidentally zoom all the time like me, you’d like to disable that key combination. And you can. Just go to about:config and find mousewheel.withcontrolkey.action and change it from 3 to 0
mousewheel.withcontrolkey.action = 0

Keeping New Tab Jumpstart from stealing focus

One of the “features” of New Tab JumpStart 0.5a5.4 turns out to be a major annoyance. It steals the focus from your location bar to its own tiny non-awesome bar. You can fix it with:
mlalevic.jumpstart.focus_on_search = false

Make New Tab Jumpstart the default new tab page

browser.newtab.url = chrome://jumpstart/content/tabView.xul

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