My new DVD to Quicktime workflow

So I get asked to make reference samples off of DVD based material fairly often. Here’s my current quality emphasis workflow:

Rip relevant portion of DVD with DVD Decrypter

Create DGIndex project, decompress AC3 to PCM

Import DGIndex project to Avisynth

AudioDub() the decompressed PCM WAV into the Avisynth project.

Add any decomb/deinterlace/resize filters as normal.

Add the SwapUV() filter to the chain.

Save using VirtualDub using Direct Stream Copy

Install YV12 QuickTime codec

Export from Quicktime to whatever it is you do.

(OPTIONAL) If you need subtitles:

Rip .IDX/.SUB using VSRip from the decrypted IFO/VOBs

Find subtitle offset by selecting all previously deselected chapters previous to where you started in DVD Decryptor and write down the amount of time you skipped. Fine tune offset by DVD Decryptor stream processing outputs for the subtitles.

Tweak offset using VobSub Cutter

Tweak appearance using VobSub (I didn’t, I skip to…)

Edit the .IDX for the subtitles. You can enter the delay in here instead of using VobSub Cutter using HH:MM:SS:MS. Set align to:

# Force subtitle placement relative to (org.x, org.y)
align: OFF at LEFT TOP

Add the TextSub plugin to Avisynth

Programs Needed:

DVD Decrypter, VobSub, Avisynth, DGIndex, VSFilter (old version, not the latest, you’ll find out), VSRip, VobSub, YV12 Quicktime Codec, Notepad, Virtualdub, Media Player

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