The Search for a TODO List

I used to use this Greasemonkey script for my todo list, but it stopped working months ago with no fix in sight.

A good place to start looking for things that let you pretend to be productive is lifehacker, and they do not disappoint.

Some factors I’m considering:

  • I don’t want to register for yet another service (Remember the Milk)
  • I don’t want to use something unless I already use it on a regular basis (Outlook)
  • Must exist “in the ether”. That is to say… I have to be able to drop it and pick it up wherever I go (pen and paper)
  • That kind of leaves plain text… todo.txt

Althought todo.txt sounds nice. With dropbox, my todolist can go whereever I go, but I use Gmail more than Notepad. I think I’ll try using a gmail draft message(s) for now. I might even be able to make it one of my quicklinks.

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