Next adventure in HTML Canvas

This one comes with a live demo!


One of the biggest problems with my¬† last Canvas experiment is that if you put text labels over points of interest, they quickly clutter up and become difficult to read. In this demo, I take a list of labels and the coordinates they belong, then I treat each label as a like-charged ion and they automatically repel each other and find their own non-overlapping positions. I also put a spring force between each label (visualized by the red line) to its original position so they don’t stray too far. There are also some visual embellishments specific for the application.

In my next iteration, I’m going to try and properly attach events to each particle. I have rudimentary drag and drop now, but it’s not robust enough for other ideas I want to add. I also want to be able to add uncharged particles and have wind and gravity. So I can make the whole thing a proper particle playground.

Note: since the code was ripped from a Greasemonkey script, it’s FireFox only.

Update 18 July, 2010: I’ve made it a little more interactive, re-ported a more up to date version of the code, and made it somewhat compatible with Safari and Chrome.

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