nano review of JavaScript frameworks (YUI, jQuery, moo)

Having gone through these three frameworks, I’m going to say something I wish other review sites said: For each purpose, there is a “best” framework. It all depends on context.

The Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI)

If you’re building a rich web application from scratch, YUI will have very thorough tools to do anything you want. As long as you survive writing the code.


If you’re looking to add a little ajax and dhtml to your exisiting web page, or need a lightweight, high performance library, go with Mootools.


Somewhere between Mootools and YUI, jQuery has a lot of  features and is very tidy to code.

Perhaps we can compare the philosophies behind each framework by examining their respective homepages:

YUI jQuery Mootools
YUI jquery moo
Slogan The YUI Library is a set of utilities and controls, written in JavaScript, for building richly interactive web applications using techniques such as DOM scripting, DHTML and AJAX. The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library a compact javascript framework
Size 8.91KB 13.41KB 7.33KB
Comment Look at how busy and dated their homepage is… but it is compact. A very slick page, but underneath it, it is a little bloated. Simple and clean.

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