Made another site:

I actually made this site a few months ago. I just forgot to announce it. No, I lied. I actually made this in 2007, but back then it was a Konfabulator widget.

LazyAlarm is a simple alarm/timer/countdown site. You just type when you want an alarm and it does it. You can add messages, make them repeat, and change the alarm level all through natural English. And bet best part is you don’t have to endlessly click to make it do what you want, as opposed to every-alarm/timer-site-I’ve-ever-found-and-tried-to-use. It was dealing with these frustrating sites that got me to re-make my old widget for the web.

I’ve got it set up as a desktop web application myself.

There are of course a few bugs/features I haven’t gotten around to implementing:

  • ‘0’ (zero) should trigger a countdown, not ‘0s’
  • changing alarm levels and adding repeat shouldn’t reset countdowns
  • some time parsing could be improved

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