Cheap/Ugly/Functional shelving

As much as I’m a fan of metro shelving and gorilla racks. I was curious if I could throw together some cheap wood to make shelves. This is the first design I came up with.

And here’s the first version I made:

It’s basically my version 0, but I didn’t include the supports in the middle. It seemed strong enough as I was putting it together that I opted not to use them.

I updated the design and build another one today. Some changes:

  • instead of two 1×4, I use a 1×3 and a 1×4 with the edge ripped off so the it could sit flush against the 1×3.
  • I used scrap 1×3 at each corner to help support the shelves. I found that too much weight was being carried by the screws, so this should move a lot of the work of holding weight from the shelves to the legs.
  • I added a stabilizer to the top.

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