Authoring a Blu-Ray disc

Last January, I had to author a blu-ray disc. This reminded me of the old days of making DVDs years before iMovie and point and click software came out. The specs were to make VC-1 blu-ray discs and WMV files. These are the programs I ended up using to do that:

quicktime – process original source files
quicktime aja uncompressed codecs – so quicktime can read source files
avisynth – video processing engine
avsp – process videos / qc
avisynth decomb plugin – recover progressive frames instead of de-interlace
avisynth qtsource plugin – lets avisynth load quicktimes
virtualdub – make uncompressed avi for cinevision
cinevision – encode VC-1
scenarist – author blu-ray disc
ps3bdfix – increase compatibility of scenarist output
nero – burn discs
powerdvd – view blu-ray discs
final cut – audio/video delay determination

adobe audition – trim and convert AIF to WAV
ssrc – convert 44.1 KHz to 48 kHz
besweet – audio processing engine
besweet-gui – gui for audio processor

vc12avi – put VC-1 in AVI container
SolveigMM ASF Multiplexer – change AVI container to ASF
windows media stream editor – remux ASF + WMA to WMV
Windows media encoder – turn WAV to WMA

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